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Some of our customers have asked us what is the difference between Limo Bus or Party Bus. When making a Chicago Loop Limos service reservation, this question comes naturally. The truth is, “Limo Bus” or  “Party Bus” are about the same. It is just a matter of naming. If you are afraid you will get a row-seat bus, always ask your operator if your bus is not a shuttle bus. We, however, only provide Limo (Party) Bus service.

How to avoid scams.

Sometimes, other Chicago limo operators try to pass a regular bus for a limo bus. That is why we encourage to always check out the vehicle before the event. Then, you will know exactly what you are getting and paying for. So be careful and watch out for scams.

Quick info on a Limo Bus:

A Limo Bus can accommodate 25-30 passengers comfortably.

Luggage Capacity: 8 or more pieces of luggage in the rear storage or the Bus itself.


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